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Lock the Gate is funded almost entirely by people like you - members of the community that are concerned about inappropriate coal and gas mining.

We are an incredibly powerful force if we unite together, and the amazing success of our grassroots movement over the last three years has proven that we are on the right path.

Your financial contribution will go directly to the front line of communities working to protect this amazing country, its extraordinary landscapes and people, from reckless coal and gas expansion.


Lock the Gate keeps internal costs down by operating a lean, decentralised organisation, which is supported by an extraordinary voluntary social movement.

All donations go directly towards meeting our objectives of protecting water resources, farmland and environmentally sensitive areas and informing the wider Australian community about the impacts of uncontrolled mining.

Donations to the Lock the Gate Fund of $2.00 or more are tax-deductible.

Lock the Gate operates in accordance with a privacy policy, which is available for download here.