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Please make a contribution to support local landholders and communities fighting the Acland Stage 3 coal mine expansion.

The Acland expansion on the eastern Darling Downs of Qld has just received an environmental licence from the Qld Government. It will destroy rich farmland, drain precious groundwater and put local people at risk from dangerous coal dust.

But there is still a long way to go on this campaign before it gets a final approval, and your support is needed urgently.

The local community has just lodged a legal challenge in the Qld Land Court. Please get behind local farmers and chip in to the fighting fund to help us stop this unwanted expansion.

Please donate to the campaign today and help us to:

  1. Support local residents and landholders in their fight
  2. Obtain expert technical advice
  3. Pursue legal advice and assistance

Watch the SBS Insight Story on Acland


 Five Facts on Acland Stage 3:

  1. It will destroy some 1,300 hectares of Strategic Cropping Land, cause groundwater to drop by up to 50m in some locations and may affect more than 350 water bores. 
  2. The Queensland Government won't even make any money from this mine - it is covered by an old title system which means that New Hope (the mine owner) will pay about 77% of mining royalties to ITSELF.
  3. It will be the final nail in the coffin for the township of Acland - the Acland War Memorial and Tom Doherty Park will be sold off to the mining company, adding to the 50 houses that have been removed since the mine took over.
  4. It will cause all this damage just to enable another 12 years of mining
  5. Companies associated with the mine donated over $950,000 to the Liberal Party over the last four years.

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